Real Connections

At SEDLOCK COMPANIES INC., we pride ourselves on the laser-sharp focus for our two product industries. Our team is made up of experienced sales consultants with industry experience, which has allowed us to develop deep, trusted relationships with manufacturers across the United States, Mexico and Europe.


Real Solutions

We also have hands-on technical experience in the metals and plastics industries, so we do more than connect our customers with our manufacturers; we work alongside you in the field to provide reliable advice to make sure your real solutions are achieved.


Metals Industry

Centrifugal Castings

Sand Castings

Continuous Cast Iron Bar, Tube and Plate

Continuous Cast Bronze Bar and Tube

Steel Bar and Tube

Open and Closed Die Forgings

Rolled Ring Forgings

Powdered/Sintered Metal

Investment Castings

Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Alloys

Complete Machining Services


Plastics Industry

Injection and Extrusion Feed Screws

Injection and Extrusion Barrels

End Caps/Shut-Off Valves/Tip Assemblies

Nozzles and Adapters

Tie Bars

Complete Rebuilding Services

Purging Compounds & Release Agents

Heater Bands and Cartridge Heaters

Temperature and Pressure Sensors

Screw Cleaning Systems

Insulation Blankets

Metals for Overmolding

Industries We Serve

Construction & Mining
Food Processing
Hydraulic & Pneumatic
Machine Tool
Oil & Gas
Power Generation
Pump & Valve
Scrap Recycling
Blow Molding
Carbon Fiber
Injection Molding

Your Partner in Manufacturing

Our skilled team of professionals provides REAL CONNECTIONS and REAL SOLUTIONS for our customers’ manufacturing needs. Using over 100 years of market experience, we evaluate your company needs, develop a tailored plan to meet those needs and provide you the best total value.