Plastics Industry


SEDLOCK COMPANIES INC. serves the plastic injection molding, extrusion, rubber, blow molding and sheet industries with high quality machined components, purging compounds, insulation blankets, heat processing equipment and cleaning equipment. Our company provides world-class engineering, training and problem solving services to the plastics industry.

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Concor Tool & Machine

Concor manufactures and rebuilds injection molding and extruder feed screws, barrels, tip assemblies, end caps, nozzles, tie bars and other miscellaneous machined components. With a deep knowledge of processing, parts manufacturing and a rare talent to do the impossible with metal, Concor has spent nearly four decades earning the respect, loyalty and continuous referrals of its many customers in the plastics industry. Why do they choose Concor? Take a look for yourself. We are confident that “the more you know the better we look”.

Chem-Trend/Ultra Purge

Chem-Trend, with over 50 years of experience working with molding, forming and casting operations, is a world leader in the development of manufacturing aids such as purge compounds, release agents and mold maintenance products for thermoplastic processing. Along with the company’s vast experience comes a very different approach toward making its Lusin® and Ultra Purge™ range of products that serve the needs of all kinds of thermoplastic processes. Lusin® and Ultra Purge™ products help improve processing efficiency, and therefore, reduce the costs of the final part being manufactured.


Accu-Grind is a leading provider of industrial blades for the plastics industry. Our products are used by a broad range of plastics companies that recognize the importance of maintaining granulator blades & screens as well as pelletizer knives at peak performance. Having plastic processing equipment that uses only the best blades, produced with the highest quality materials have been shown to increase overall efficiency, minimize scrap and reduce production downtime. We stock hundreds of OEM replacement components. Our in-house engineering staff can work with your team to design and manufacture custom blades or knives using a variety of tool steels or coatings to meet your specific objective. In addition to supplying new components, Accu-Grind has specialized CNC equipment to sharpen existing blades...saving time and money. We look forward to becoming your preferred blade partner.


The Maxi-Blast Cleaning System is ideal for cleaning extrusion, injection and even twin screws without harsh chemicals or long hours of hand cleaning. Our blasting media, used in conjunction with the Maxi-Blast Screw Cleaning System substantially reduces cleaning time and potential to damage components. The plastic media is blasted out of a pressurized hose that only strips surface buildup, leaving the components untouched and undamaged. The screw is then ready for reuse with no further cleaning or prepping needed. The plastic media is continually recycled, increasing longevity and cost savings.

LaRos Equipment Company

LaRos Equipment Company manufactures high quality parts handling automation equipment. Since 1968, LaRos Equipment Company has manufactured an extensive line of parts handling automation equipment, from individual custom designed units and complete systems for total plant automation. Engineered and manufactured in the USA.

SRS Corp

SRS Corp has over 60 years experience manufacturing Bi-Cutter low speed, screenless granulators and DFS Dust & Fine Separator Systems. Ideal for recycling sprues and runners for virtually all resins. Compact design allows for convenient press-side location. Clean-out, maintenance and inspection is the easiest in the industry. Provide parts/service and re-manufacturing of Bi-Cutter and S-Cutter screenless granulators. The Cyclone Fine Separator systems removes powder from granulated plastic materials like no other on the market. Clean regrind promotes quality parts. Proudly made in the USA.

Tempco/Bee’s Industrial Services

Bee’s is a family owned world-class distributor of heat-processing equipment and accessory products. We offer a variety of products including band heaters, cast heaters, cartridge heaters, coil heaters, temperature control units, ceramic infrared heaters, flanged heaters, tubular heaters, pressure sensors/control and strip heaters. Along with our reps we are the front line of an entire staff of experts and we have direct access to the best engineers and technicians in the industry to solve any heat-processing needs you have.

Bee’s Industrial Services

Bee's Industrial offers a complete line of insulation systems to the plastic molding industry. The installation of our insulation blankets significantly reduces utility costs, minimizes start-up time while promoting employee safety on the production floor. Typical applications include injection and extrusion barrels, dryer hoses, dies and more.

Powdered Metal Components

Offering custom-engineered powder metal components from ounces to pounds. We have the capability of providing a wide range of powdered metal (aka sintered metal) components. Our components are used in a wide range of manufacturing industries, such as lawn & garden, small appliances, automotive, consumer products, hand tools, trailer & towing, material handling, etc. Domestic production. High tolerance parts in a variety of powders to fit your specific application. Green technology.